Secret Agent ‘The Five Keys’ is a point and click adventure game unlike anything you have ever played before. Why? Because the creator had this simple concept.

Why do so many game developers try to make computer games look like ‘real life’ when you can make ‘real life’ play like a computer game?

The result is a masterpiece that has the charm of the classic point and click adventure games with the realism of being in a movie.

CG Entertainment brings together skillsets from movie making, 3d animation and over 30’000 lines of coding to create an immersive interactive world.

It takes interactive video to a completely new level.

The plot of ‘The Five Keys’ :

The Secret service have picked up communication between Draven ( a notorious criminal who had gone into hiding for several years ) and one of his henchmen. He wants him to collect some sensitive information from one of his holiday properties, a coastal manor. You have been dispatched to get the information first. However, in Draven’s usual style, this is going to be far from simple! You get stuck into a code breaking, riddle full adventure that requires you to get into the mind of cleaver but eccentric mastermind.

Explore the manor as well as 6 other locations around the harbour to solve the mystery and complete the mission.

CG Entertainment

Contact @ info@secretagentgame.com

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